Easy Bun Hairstyles for Formal and Semi Formal Event

Haircut charming and able to integrate perfectly with the look of our fashion, it is mandatory that we have to prepare. Moreover, if there are activities that are very special and privileged, such as weddings, graduation ceremonies or other formal event. One of hair styles and models that are suitable for formal occasions is a modern bun hairstyles.

Model of modern hair bun certainly very different from the old bun hairdo. modern chignon hairstyle is much more simple and looks so light but still look full of elegant premises. modern bun hair style is usually sufficient to use part of our original hair as part of the bun, so it does not need a wig or hair grafting.

Model of modern hair bun is perfect for girls who want to be fashionable and modern appearance, of course. To support more perfect display of ladies, of course be aware of the other side as well as the type of hair or face shape ladies, so we can select bun hairstyle is more suitable and appropriate for us.

Model of modern hair bun is actually very suitable for various face shapes, such as round face, square face and a box or oval face shape. So ladies do not need to be afraid and hesitate to apply as a model of modern bun hairstyle ladies.
To further inspire the ladies to choose the order of the pieces model modern hair bun, here we show some style and modern chignon hair style.

Hair bun modern models that seem simple and it does not look complicated, so look elegant enchanting. model of modern hair bun as shown in the image above, is not only suitable to attend the official events, but it is suitable we use as part of their wedding garments of our own marriage.

Model of modern hair bun certainly do not have seemed stiff and overly formal. By wore the back hair and keep the hair side and front remains decompose, making the display model of modern hair bun is so enchanting and unique look. Modern chignon hairstyle like this makes ladies are not too rigid and still look elegant charming. To further give the idea more and more about the Model in modern hair bun, here we show some models of modern hair bun that is certainly no less beautiful and enchanting.

Hair bun is usually used for women who have long hair. With long hair, you do not need to go to a salon for hair buns because it can be done easily at home. Then, what about the women who have short hair? For short-haired woman will usually be advised to wear a hair bun for party partner in the salon. Of course, complicated and expensive is not it? But you need not worry, because there is now a modern chignon style for short hair style.

Modern hair bun for short hair is no less great and modern with hair bun feast for long hair. There are many options for the model bun for short hair, one side chignon bun models. Model bun is one of the popular models in the short hair. To make this bun models, you have to make sure the hair is dried and then combed and collect the hair on one side. Tie the hair into a ponytail and then roll your hair and stiff hair spray. After that, a hairpin that are not easily damaged.

If you do not like hair bun side, you can change your short hair model with hair bun to a party in the back. Chignon style is Back Messy Bun. Model bun is perfect for you who like the hair look messy but still neat. Model bun is pretty simple and easy to make your own at home. You just need to tie all your hair in the back with ties loosened. Leave the hair on any part of your bangs. Next, roll the hair and spray with hair spray. In order to impress simple let the ends of your hair still messy. Modern hair bun style is very suitable to attend a semi-formal.

For you women who want to look formal but still relaxed you can choose the party's top knot hair bun. Model bun is perfect for you who will be attending a party in a distant place. Enough with the hair combed neatly and then collect all of the hair on top of the head and roll it into a tight bun. Model hair bun is perfect for you to have the head shape with a narrow forehead. For women who have a broad forehead is not recommended to wear a bun models because it will show you a wide forehead.